Raspado Xperts

In Mexico theres something called ‘Antojitos’, which has a literal translation of ‘small cravings’.  The term is used to describe traditional nostalgic snacks that one craves for.  Given the varied Mexican Palette for snacks, one of the best places to buy them is at Raspado Xperts in Houston.

At Raspado Xperts, you can find different juices/shakes, ice-cream, cheesy-chips, churros, hot dogs and many more items.  There are lots of options, but one thing that is common in all of these is the interesting ingredients.  You can get juices made with cactus juice, chiles, mangos, jicama, tamarind  and a variety of chip/crunchy dishes that contain things like creams, chili powder, cheese and  pickled pork skins.  I’m a big fan of the Churri-Locos and Churros, all washed down with a Pecan milk shake.

You should make a visit to this place some time, theres something for everyone and really hits the sport on a Hot Afternoon.   What are great snack-juice bars in your local area?


-raf ;)




Tunas con Sal, yummmm. Wait $1.00 churros, awesum! (i’ve paid 8$. for one churro in other places before ;P)


Churri-Locos, churros, hotsauce, pickled pork skins, cabage etc.


in the middle : Boiled Corn, topped with Queso Fresco, Cream and hot sauce.


Choco Milk Shakes . Yeahh!


So many Fruit Juices

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