Top of the World

I’ve been working at 1600 Smith Houston for a few years now, but I just recently made it to the top floor.  We went up there for my birthday – getting permission as easy, just had to ask.   I was a little nervous going out, but once we were outside the building the high barrier […]

Magical Winter Lights

Christmas is a great time to spend time with friends and family and visit light shows.   In a previous post we visited the Houston Zoo Lights, this time we visit the Magical Winter Lights Festival.    Not only did it add another great option to the number of light show options in town, but […]

NYC Marathon

Even though it’s been a few weeks since running the NYC Marathon I’m still dazed from the great experience.  It was one of those destination races that was filled with great sights, food and amazing people.  I traveled with some good friends, which made for an even better experience. We stayed in Manhattan while there, […]

Raspado Xperts

In Mexico theres something called ‘Antojitos’, which has a literal translation of ‘small cravings’.  The term is used to describe traditional nostalgic snacks that one craves for.  Given the varied Mexican Palette for snacks, one of the best places to buy them is at Raspado Xperts in Houston. At Raspado Xperts, you can find different juices/shakes, […]

2015 USA Triathlon National Championships

From not being able to swim half a pools length to Racing in the Triathlon National Championships, I’ve come a long way. I qualified for the National Championships by placing high in a local race. As soon as I received the invitation email from USAT (USA Triathlon), I immediately registered. I registered nearly a year […]

Learning Japanese

It seems like i’ve been trying to learn Japanese forever at this point.  Well it’s only been a few years, but I’m committed.  In the past I’ve tried several sources that dug into the deep understanding of the language, but I think I’ve gotten ahead of myself.  I think I should just start with the […]